The Palomar Icon by Cynosure was the first laser device that inspired Dr. Reese’s journey into aesthetics with one specific person in mind. A 24 year patient with major depressive disorder, agoraphobia and panic disorder. This person had been treated with nearly every anti-depressant without any therapeutic benefit and persistent debilitating symptoms. When this person revealed the root cause of their feelings of self-unacceptedness were due to scarring from cystic acne. Dr. Reese knew that despite lack of insurance reimbursement for a “cosmetic procedure,” he had to help this person. After 4 treatments this person was off of psychotropic medications and had reapplied to school to pursue their dream. Dr Reese was convinced that introducing scientifically proven and approved aesthetic medicine could change lives.

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Expertise.comNot only can the Icon improve the appearance of acne scars but also improve the appearance of surgical scars as well simply improving the appearance of aging skin by using light based treatment that effectively results in collagen production. The Icon’s fractional nonfractional non-ablative laser that divides up light energy into micro beams that target surface skin cells and the mid layers of skin. These micro beams create deep narrow columns in the skin to stimulate the body’s natural healing response to form new healthy tissue.

With a single pulse of the Icon your cherry angioma will start to fade away and typically just a couple more for vascular lesions After 4-6 treatments typically clients with rosacea see improvements as well!

Âme is honored to have been selected by Expertise as providing the Best Laser Hair Removal Services in Eugene Area, schedule your consultation today!

Secret RF

Microneedling with Secret RF by Cutera is excellent treatment for deeper lines and wrinkles and to improve skin tone and texture. The Secret is great to use for acne scarring or photodamage, but can also be used on the body to help with loose sagging skin and stretch marks.

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